Fast Forward Libraries* is passionate about helping libraries achieve the results they desire. Inspired by the positive impact strategically focused libraries can have in their communities, we work with libraries ready to strive for high performance.

Fast Forward Libraries specializes in strategic planning, fundraising, and coaching. We are inspired by learning organizations and incorporate organizational development principles in our work. We help clients learn and grow by engaging in evaluation and continuous improvement, leadership development, and reflection and dialogue. Since we are a small consulting group, we offer flexible, unique solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Founder and lead consultant Amanda E. Standerfer has worked in public, academic, and special libraries since 1998. She has extensive experience designing and facilitating processes that lead to outcome-driven strategic plans, increased operating funds, and strong library leadership. She’s committed to helping library Board and Staff members develop a shared vision, increase their capacity through targeted training, strengthen their team with leadership development, and evaluate their success.

*A project of Standerfer Consulting